In this episode, Cristin interviews Crystal Bennett Harris on the view from her pillow fort. We talk about a recent transition she’s gone through and how that has affected her view of her business, her role in it, and what she wants to do next.

Some people are into change while some aren’t. But if we don’t change, how effective will we be?

Crystal Bennett Harris a mom of three and a change manager who helps individuals in organizations adopt behaviors, and implement change management strategies to maximize employee adoption and retention as well as customer attraction and retention.

Today Crystal shares how she loves her work and how her role as a change manager is vital in helping develop both the growth of the company as well as its employees.

  • Authenticity
  • Getting to the root cause of people’s behavior
  • Recognizing when you need a change manager
  • Skills, attitudes, and metrics and how to inspect change
  • Stepping back from raw emotions and really being right in it
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