Our guest for today is one of my favorite people on this planet, Elizabeth Rappa! She’s a fine artist who used her talent for teaching and launching her own creative business which is a huge success! She also owns and manages Forgotten Cotton, an awesome accessory and jewelry shop together with her husband, Johnny.

Today, Lizzi shares her story about how she used her interest and talents for the arts as a channel to create her own creative business. Her business is proof that you don’t need to have millions of dollars and be the best at everything to start a business. A lot of us think that we need to have this amount of cash to start a business but Lizzi is here to prove you wrong. As long as you have a unique idea, you’re good to go!

  • When Lizzi first started getting into the arts
  • How Lizzi’s mom fostered the inner creative within her
  • Why Lizzi made the switch and went into a teaching program
  • How she met Johnny her husband and how Forgotten Cotton was created
  • How Lizzi works together with her husband
  • Helpful business tips and advice from Lizzi
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