In this episode, Cristin interviews coach Tasha Corbin about how to be soul driven and profitable.

It was a delight to interview Tash Corbin, who is usually doing the interviewing herself over at The Heart Centered Business Podcast. And heart centered she is! Tash is an amazing coach and entrepreneur who helps women achieve profitable businesses that still align with her values. We had a great conversation, mostly around the idea that many women are trying to run businesses but not even making minimum wage. We talked about why and how to avoid it by running a lean startup.

  • What is a lean startup
  • How to work on your money mindset, particularly by checking out Denise Duffield Thomas (check out her new book Chillpreneuer
  • Tash’s upcoming business conference 
  • The Profit First model, check out Mike Michalowicz’s book


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