Jennifer Cole is a gift of a human, and I am so excited to introduce her to you in this episode! She at the time of this recording was the Associate Dean of Academic Advising at Gettysburg College, and in this episode of the podcast, we talk about her career in academic advising, the differences (or lack thereof) in college students over her tenure in higher education, and her creative activities. The main focus stays with her creative activities and what they teach her about herself, her work, and how she approaches the world. We also talk about the creative activities Jennifer did with her mother, who had recently passed away when we recorded this episode, and how that was reflected in her recreating her mother’s wedding dress for her own wedding. This is a great episode for creatives, parents, anyone working with college students, and anyone who has a creative practice or is looking to start one.

  • Jen’s time at Gettysburg College
  • What has or hasn’t changed in college students over Jen’s time in higher education
  • Learning your own voice as a free-thinking being and how that does or doesn’t happen in college
  • The process of recreating Jen’s mother’s wedding dress for her own wedding
  • Being kind to ourselves in the words we use
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